About the Company

Our first customers were our familiar sellers on eBay and Amazon. At that time, the concept of a PREP center for online stores was new, and our decision to open such a business became a natural process. 

Our friends needed a person who would make high-quality and fast processing of their goods. Our desire to help people simultaneously coincided with our need and grew into a new and sought-after business. Gradually, our first clients began to tell and recommend us to their friends as a reliable and honest partner.

At the end of 2018, we opened a second centre in Miami, Florida. We and most of our team have moved to Hollywood, Hallandale Beach, North Miami area of Florida.
Our clients have grown with us. It still gives us inspiration and understanding that we are doing everything right.
Today we are a huge centre for PREP and they have become big sellers and this has been partly due to mutual honesty. Our main principle of work from the first day to the present day is honour and openness towards the client.
We not only do our work with high quality, but we always try and do everything to ensure that the end customer is satisfied with his purchase. This directly affects the rating of stores and the profitability of our client's business.

In 2022 we created usprepcenters.com. Of course, we are planning to develop, and open new centers. We are the classic example of a family business. In addition to spouses, our close friends work with us.
Generally, I believe that each of our working team is a person who has gone through natural selection and we rightfully consider them to be a part of our family.
Our main working task is to be honest with each client. It manifests in everything, from the moment of acquaintance till the moment of our work performed.
We believe that this is the only way to always get recommendations from our clients, who always are our friends.

6 Warehouses

 Storage in FL & NY

200 000+

Preparations per month


Years Amazon Experience


Satisfied customers



Customers talk about us “PREP CENTER with a human face”. We are honest and fast, do good work, and have fair prices. Because we're easy to negotiate with. You may call an employee, a manager , and even the head of the company. You may ask for a photo or video of any process your product goes through. We are open to creation of any service just for you. We aren’t just a System - first of all we are the People.

What do we wanna give?

  1. honesty
  2. reliability
  3. satisfaction
  4. the quality
  5. confidence

Our goal is to be simpler and as reliable as possible. To be larger and as flexible as possible. To have better service with the most affordable prices. We have employees who improve the quality of service, optimize and speed up the whole process, and make it more reliable. And we don’t encourage our employees to engage in advertising and marketing. Reputation and quality is about the priority of our work!

What do we wanna take?

  1. credibility
  2. respectense
  3. the ability to help
  4. to enjoy the success
  5. gratuity


Welcome to our gallery!

Here you can see how we process the products, what quality of packaging your customer can get. How we pack sets and bundles. We pay lots of attention to fragile products, we pack them in small boxes and bubble wrap. Our packaging is our face that you look at. Our packaging is the face that your customers see.




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