Space for processing PRODUCTS


Our goal is to streamline your processes, saving your business time,
money, and resources. This for we provide all the preparation
and fulfillment services you need under one roof.

We have over 6 years experience at Amazon.

We clearly understand - your success is our success. We know lots about Amazon, sometimes even better than sellers, because we serve the sellers and encounter hundreds of different situations every day.
We know 1,001s of preparations, 10,001s of products, and 100,001s of situations.

We are a well-organized, hardworking team

We keep an eye on all of the updates of FBA and FBM requirements and our specialists thoroughly know the current rules established by Amazon. Our company's policy is based on love, respect, and appreciation for our customers. You don’t need to burden yourself with these intricacies. Save your time and allow us to handle this for you!


We are very enthusiastic people

The packaging quality are the face of our company.

We must do a great job. Because you have to get the best feedbacks from your buyers. We always try to understand, to find solutions and compromise.

You may be consulted with a new option or offer from our company every few months. We help you to grow your business with this action. To do your work in the best way we hire the best employees. Our managers teach them, then check their work before the goods are sent.

OUR GOAL is to say: YES, we do! YES, we have! YES, we can accept this new challenge because we like to develop! And we are happy to see you grow with us.



Years non-stop work teaches us how work with different types of products.  

We use all the accumulated experience in working with you and your products.

We clearly know how to work with soft or hard, brittle or tough, non-standard size or sharp objects, chemicals or food, and clothes or jewelry.
We aware when to use a plastic bag, when the plastic wrap, and when the automatic packaging machine for kitting and bundling.
We understand when to use a box, when a bubble wrap, when paper, and when cartons, for fragile and glass objects.  


The knowledge of amazon requirements, careful listen of our clients wishes, and own work experience - are the only way to successful company progress.

We are always ready to provide great product preparation service, the best customers service, the reasonable price, and high culture of our company.

20+  pallets

send for FBA per day

600+ boxes

send for FBA per day

12 000+

Sending units per day

400 000+

Prepare units in month


Of Satisfied customers

1000+ items

send to FBM per day

8+ hours

turnaround time


Types of Services


Work 24/7

We spent a year to find and test all possible software in 3PL, WMS, Warehousing, Amazon PREP FBA and we had bad experience. Some of this company refused to return the money when we find lots of errors, issues, unfinished and missing features. We have worked with 3PL Central, tested 3PL Camelot Software, Fishbowl Inventory, Netsuite, MoySklad and many others private developments of our colleagues. Our software was designed for us and for our client needs. It is easy to use and has all functions, notifications, information, and calculations. That used to take time to find, count and ask.



Yes. The main thing for our PREP center always has been and remains the question of reputation and trust of our customers.
Over the years of work, we managed not only to prove our loyalty and honesty to the client, but also to acquire a huge number of partners and friends. The fact that all our clients are referral clients(clients by recommendation) is the best advertising. The honest name is the greatest value that we guarantee you!

We operate as a fulfillment / shipping / warehousing center and we are professionals in that.
We have partners with whom we have been working for many years and may recommend training courses if necessary.

One of our services is to purchase products for you from our distributors/brand partners. There are more than 600 companies in our supplier directory. We can provide you with the right supplier upon your request.

We only process returns for items we have processed in the past.

How many items would you like to Prepare?

Please feel free to ask any question we think you find right place to start and win

Prep Center

Prep Center