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Our advantages

1. We are working on the best 3pl client oriented PREP software. It will be done by summer 2022.

2. Software will give opportunity for 24/7 order placement and inventory updates.

3. We have 16 hours Client support 6 days per week.

4. We start in NY. And 2 years ago, we opened the Florida center because it is the most growing State in the US. People move to Miami and they buy more and more.

5. Heat Shrink Packaging Machine can help you seal your product like a factory.

6. We have 47 Cameras which provide 24 hours surveillance system.

7. We take responsibility for each item and box. Indemnify for any accidents.

8. We have a very good Client support Department with fast responding.

9. We provide more type of services than any Warehouses and Prep centers in US.

10. We have separate Departments and groups of people for each service FBM Department, FBA Department, Inbound/Reception, Returns/Removal Deportment, OUTbound UPS/ OUTbound USPS and FeDex. Managers and Client Support Department, Sealing machine operators, warehouse managers.

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Florida State Handling Center

Our Florida Prep Center was Founded in 2019. We do all possible Prep Services. Because of the Amazon time and fast growing Florida we had to open an additional warehouse every six months. Now we have 5 places 23000 sq feet. Which includes a 5000 sq feet air condition warehouse. We are using 17 000 sq feet like Storage. We are using 4000 like a PREP where we do FBA, FBM services. 2000 sq feet for the return Department. We accept 20-40-45 Foot containers, track and buses. USPS, UPS, Fedex delivery and pick ups.


New York Handling Center

Our New York Prep center was founded in 2017. Mostly we do preparation, labeling and packaging from US suppliers. We do not do warehousing and PL services right now. Our Office is 2000 sq feet and has air conditioning and heating systems. We accept only USPS, UPS, Fedex delivery and pick ups.


Fulfilment Center

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