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We are an eCommerce Fulfilment center.
We are the Full Service PREP center with more than 300 active clients.

We don’t have any subscriptions, monthly or hidden fee

Our focus is on the FBA fulfillment service and PL
We are constantly adding new services and improving what we have.

Turnaround time is from 8 to 24 hours.


Our Service

Fulfilled by Amazon is the main and the most popular type of sending products to customers. A product goes through several stages before it falls into the buyers hands. The important and responsible step - are we, the PREP center. We receive the product from the manufacturer or distributor, inspect the products, check the compliance of the Amazon listing with the product, and mark it correctly. We pack it so that it remains intact at all stages and in its original shape and form. 

Thanks to this work, your buyer will receive exactly what he expected, and will be satisfied. You will get a good review from him.


Our Service

“Fulfilled by merchants also called D2C Direct-to-consumer”. This works in two versions: auto and manual.
 “Auto” - Just relax! Our FBM department will print and dispatch all your orders to your customers. - If we have partial access to your account “Manual” - Just send us 3 things: Product name, QTY and shipping label.


Our Service

We are growing.
Our six warehouses always have space for you.
Some storage facilities are climate controlled.
Two warehouses have air conditioning around 73°.
Every 9 month we are renting an additional.
We can accept any goods, pallets, and containers.
There are lots of reasons why 90 percent of your inventory should be kept in our warehouse and just 10 percent sent to Amazon Storage.
Keywords - limits, lower prices, seasons, repacking, relabeling options.


Our Service

We have lots of experience with small and big private label clients. And we know well how important it is to check all the products made for you in China. Making even small checks we often find significant typos, confused sizes, colores, and etc. Your listing will be more secure from future customer hassles and problems if you prevent everything at the initial stage.

 Forwarding, storage, inspection, FBA, FBM, relabeling, repacking, add/remove inserts and stickers, removals, returns and lots of custom service. We create the unique bundles and combine them into custom PL products. Fixing bugs and refinishing products after the factory. We are the second stage of a Chinese factory in the US for our private label clients. We are your hands and eyes! All you need - we’re doing for you ( in regarding to your products) at the excellent quality level component to 100% You may rely on us!


Our Service

Are your products ready to go to Amazon? You don’t need PREP. We are the reliable shipping point. We will get, inspect, count, report, remove old shipping labels, add new shipping labels in a few hours. We will seal all seams and damage on the boxes. In most cases we need only one working day to send your boxes to Amazon.
Get in touch with us if you need to send the products not to Amazon only, but directly to the buyer, for example. We will try to resolve this issue after discussing the details. Just write to us about all your own and business needs and we are open to discuss non-standard situations!


product compiling SERVICE

We specialize in Bundling and Sets service . We can carefully unite any amount of different or same products. Seal it in plastic wrap and bags, paper or small box!

 Product assembly is one of the most common reasons to use the PREP center. We use a plastic wrap machine for a big amount of items and make the packaging perfectly beautiful and the most reliable.


Our Service

The packaging of fragile products is rightfully considered one of the most difficult services. Providing high-quality protection of the glass object is really the big work that our employees perform masterfully. Wrapping it in several layers of a plastic bubble wrap, we guarantee that the products will be delivered without any damage. Cardboard boxes, protected inside with sealed the increased thickness are also one of the external protections of the products. If your products are fragile, we have bubble and plastic wrap and bags, paper, boxes, cartons, and great experience in safe deliveries to Amazon and to the Customers.
 We handle fragile sets and bundles as well! We mark each box with special warning labels and give them to the postal service on the wrapping pallets.


Our Service

We are making - removing - re-pasting labels Our tasks are very meticulous and responsible because labels are the re-presentation of your products and even your company! Labels are much deeper than a barcode only!
The increased sales rank grows fast through the gorgeous labeling service work. . All our employees are label experts and smart open minded people with excellent knowledge of their work. In the Articles of Association of our company are 16 points on how to do it correctly, explaining how to be the most proper. Be sure your selling rate and company name are in safe hands with the Labeling service of us!


Our Service

Everything starts all over the beginning and the most firstly process of working with your product is its quick and correct receipt and acceptance. We receive pallets, trucks and containers every day. We’re sorting and calculating boxes by SKU at the moment of receiving, we are creating the new “checked” pallets. Registering in our system - with the name of the client, products weight, dimensions, order number, receiving date, delivery company, shelf number. We sign each box with a big letter of FNSKU and the receiving date. We wrap the pallets in film and sign the entire pallet. We wrap the pallets in film and sign the entire pallet - SKU, QTY of boxes, QTY of items inside boxes, and receiving date. 



We have USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon Prime, and lots of other private companies deliveries everyday. много других частных компаний We accept envelopes, small packages, boxes, oversize and irregular items.
We're scanning each box or envelope at the moment of receiving and registering it in our system with the name of the client, full tracking, order number, receiving date and time, shelf number. We have a lot of cameras outside and inside of our warehouse - 24/7. We work daily on the system to eliminate any possible errors.

US PREP Centers 22

Our Service

Each acceptance of products is conducting a basic inspection already at the moment of receipt of the boxes, it consists of visual check up and damage survey. It goes like this: we make a picture of each damaged box or a good, and after providing a detailed report, we show any missing or damaged items, and we may provide clips from video surveillance systems, if needed.

We have the advanced inspection also. It's more detailed. We are doing it according to the customer's request. It goes like this: we count and compare the quantity of products with the invoice and we check your products for any defects or damage properly.


Our Service

Plastic bag packaging is the most common service. Each bundle set or custom item has to be sealed in plastic before further service. In wrapping machines can be used commercial plastic food wrap or self-seal clear plastic bags with vacuum or sealing shrink. The regular plastic wrap service is included in a general price. We don't take additional money for that.

Each of these materials, whether polybaging or plastic bags, protect the products during the transportation and keep the products preserved in the best possible way inside the plastic wrap.


Our Service

Here you are - the Shipping Service!

 We are using Uline heavy duty moving boxes. We don’t regret adhesive tape, we wrap all seams. We use lots of bubbles and packaging materials. Our top priority is the safe delivery of your product to Amazon or to the customer. We are making a photo with the visible tracking number of each box that we ship out. Our employees stack boxes on pallets, wrap the pallets in film and load them into a UPS truck with a forklift. To make it easy for UPS and minimize damage to the boxes.
It makes the UPS work easier and minimizes the damage of boxes.


Our Service

We send pallets each day, because some clients prefer to send the goods with multi-regional transportation trucking companies, a little longer but much cheaper. 

We send pallets each day, because some clients prefer to send the products with multi-regional transportation trucking companies, a little longer but much cheaper. We send pallets cooperating with multi-regional transportation trucking companies, every day. Most clients prefer to send their products this way due to the much lower price but a little longer delivery time. We use very reliable, strong, and wooden pallets. We assemble the boxes on a pallet safely and compactly We assemble boxes on a pallet safely and compactly. We choose the best Stretch Film on the market. We choose the best plastic wrap in the market. We wrap well pallets and boxes from bottom to top, taking into consideration all the requirements of Amazon and the trucking companies. We wrap pallets very well and boxes from the bottom to the top in consideration of all requirements of Amazon and trucking companies. We protect the pallet from rain, shaking, hard braking, not one box should fall or be damaged. We protect each pallet from the rain, shaking, hard braking, never one box should be fallen or damaged.



The Thermal Packaging
Automatic L-Bar Sealing Machine by Heat Seal Film

If you need a factory sealing, we are ready to help. We have professional fully automatic sealing and cutting machines with shrink heat tunnels. They are designed for packaging in shrink plastic wrap.
It goes like this: After sealing, the closed bag moves to the shrink tunnel where the plastic wrap is compressed and tightened. In one step you can cut and seal a folded shrink wrap on any medium sized product. They are suitable for packing boxes, toys, food products, electronics, and all other items, sets, and packages.

These machines are placed in all our factories. This device is very difficult for a single set up and requires 2 people to be operated but it has the highest quality poly bags as possible, and the most beautiful kits, sets, and packages ever been on the sales market!!

US PREP Centers 22

Our Service

We are open to add any sticker according to your choice. The most common stickers are:
 ↠ fragile warning - “Handle with Care”
 ↠ warning - “Keep Away from Small Children”
 ↠ set & bundle warning - “This is a Set Do Not Separate”, LOGO, expiration date, add/or removing promotional inserts, additional bar-code, any label or inserts of your choice.


Our Service

There can be lots of them, and each individual, it’s not about listing. Our PREP CENTER has been helping clients to cope with such difficult periods for many years - as easily, cheaply and quickly as possible. We will carefully accept your goods, sort and count them, and promptly give you all the data. You will only have to give us a task for further work to store, relabel, create or disband sets, and much more.

 We offer a Receiving, the Inspection, a Counting, a Processing. We are always ready for services of Sorting, Repackaging, Labeling (if it needed), Packing, sending or a disposal, recycling, and the Donate.


Our Service

Business focused to save money for our customers. The Business is focused on saving money for our customers. We will take care of your returns. If we previously prepare or ship from our warehouses your products we can easily take them back like a return from your customers. We will inspect, count, and report back to you!
 We scan each returned box and calculate for each FNSKU.

WE can easily add it to your next shipment!


Our Service

America has thousands of suppliers and production facilities. To sell their products on Amazon, they have to make it properly prepared, labeled, and packaged.

We call this “the product digitizing”.

 We offer the buying service. It includes the FBA inspection, prep, storage, consolidation, and shipping. Gain the competitive advantage and buy from the USA's largest Suppliers. Our vast knowledge, the experience, the network, and the database can definitely benefit merchants.



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