US PREP CENTERS has been on the market since January 2016.

We provide a full service, and the full range of necessary urgent services and Important Amazon seller needs:

  • Fulfillment processing of FBA and FBM shipping 
  • Storage and Warehouse
  • Private label & forwarding 
  • Removals processing.

Our superiority among other PrepCenters

Due to our experience with large customers and huge staff, we provide absolutely all types of services related to the processing and preparation of goods for FBA for AMAZON stores and warehouses.

Solving processing issues

We carry out any kind of processing, kits, bundles, packaging, re-labeling, and products inspection.

We meet any Amazon Fulfillment requirements. We provide a service of receiving shipments receiving batch, sorting, processing, combining into sets and bundles, shipping. We remove unnecessary stickers, promo codes, inserts, and do FNSKU relabeling.
We meet any Amazon Fulfillmentrequirements. We provide the service of receiving shipments, receiving a batch, sorting, processing, combining into sets and bundles, and shipments.We remove unnecessary stickers, promotional codes, inserts, and do FNSKU relabeling. 
We work with any kind of goods

Each client has a personal manager

We have extensive experience with PL, receiving, sorting, forwarding, storage and any kind of Fulfillment processing. Any of your applications are processed on the same day.

How we help our customers

Improve the quality of trading

Switch from other PrepCenters to us. Why? “All services under one roof. Full processing and storage.

How do we improve our customer service?

"We have a time and a place for you."

We love our customers

For us the answer to your question comes first. Our customer service department is open 20 hours a day.

The task must be completed today. The warehouse department works 10 hours a day.Our task is to perform the task 

We always have time and place for you. We are growing in this direction, expanding our staff every month and getting more storage and processing space every year.

We are constantly improving the quality of our services and increasing the number of verification stages for each job.

The company operates on the principle of “Double check by double face”. This means that each employee double checks their work, then another employee checks it once, and only after that the product moves to the next stage.

We are constantly increasing the number of services provided.

We agree - this is our principle. We are ready to increase our skills and services.

We have principles. Honesty is one of the most important. Helpfulness, and diligence too. And respect and profit, as a side effect. 

We are flexible! You can talk to the manager and express your preference for the handling of your product. You can talk to the owner of the business, agree on an increase in volume or a special way to process the goods and ship them. We are called "Prep Center with a human face".

We do not disclose trade secrets.

We take responsibility for what we do.

It is profitable to work only with the best and high-quality prep center. 

To ensure that your product is 100% fine when it is received by the buyer

Achieved by the responsible attitude of the Prep Center

How to prepare goods for delivery

Organizing the preparation of goods for the Amz warehouse is not an easy task. In addition to attention to detail and understanding of Amazon's requirements, it is important to love your business, to be professional  and to rely on the experience you have gained from your own mistakes.

Working with the new Fulfillment Center, you run the risk of encountering a newcomer to the market who does not understand all the intricacies of working with suppliers, goods, postal services and Amazon management.

We're ready to take responsibility for your product and your success.

How to Reduce Costs When Selling on Amazon

(and e-commerce in general)

We target companies that understand (experienced and inexperienced online merchants) Amazon business processes and are willing to store their goods cheaper and more securely.

Prep Center storage tariffs will be more favorable than tariffs at Amazon warehouses. Especially, it will be much more profitable during the 4th quarter when AMZ increases the cost of storage. Our prices do not depend on the season or type of product. Only your total volume affects the price.

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