Removals from Amazon Storage

Which issues we solve urgently

 We can help you organize quality pickup and sorting of product removals
from Amazon warehouse 

Frequent Causes of Amazon Account Bans If banned ASIN on amazon for any reason, you need to removel the goods urgently, store in a warehouse Prep Center.
 In the aftermath of the problem, we will help re-stock (FNSKU), re-stock (FBA) If Deactivate amazon account Any kind of tasks with the goods will be available to you and already familiar to us.

 Limits on importing merchandise on Amazon, what to do?

In order to get inexpensive rates from the manufacturer, lots are ordered in large quantities, Amz allocates a limited amount of space, the question arises where to store goods. We provide storage services and refinement of the goods if such a need arises during the sale of goods. Sellers who want to ship directly to customers can also use our prep center which is located in both NY and FL.

PL Storage Cost Sharing

In almost 100% of cases it is advantageous to work with a pre-prep center to cut storage costs, partially shipping in batches, rather than shipping the entire shipment to Amazon warehouses (overpaying for storage).
Keep all the flow on amz dangerous at any time, with any trouble will need to remove goods, and this additional costs which can be avoided by sending lots of parts, in addition still store goods in a warehouse in our prep center and cheaper and more convenient.

We do all types of work for your brand

Starting with receiving shipments in boxes, inspection, sorting, and provide full handling and shipping

We offer equipment to create beautiful and saleable packaging.
Label and package your goods in polyethylene packaging service on a professional factory-like machine.

We package packages for shipping in pallets to Amazon and other warehouses provide FBA FBM service.

Resolve any need for additional handling and on an urgent basis. PL storage and shipment (services - storage, prime, check, return (relining) shipment) Storage is cheaper than amazon AMZ storage rates for comparison.

 PS: Competition Competition heats up:
What happened to the perfect order percentage score?

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